Digital Radiography

Get Pet X-Rays in the Spring Valley NY Area

Pets are members of our family and like us, they sometimes need more advanced care to help them live full lives. Digital radiography, or x-rays, is a common tool used for investigating internal problems non-invasively. Our veterinarian at Spring Valley Animal Hospital is capable of performing these digital x-rays on pets from the Spring Valley, Mahwah, and Nanuet areas.


Why Does My Pet Need X-rays?

There are several reasons why our veterinarian might recommend getting x-rays done on your pet. Many of these reasons are the same in humans. X-rays allow the vet to get a closer look at your pet's organs and bones. Pets can't speak to us so we have to be empathetic and investigative when we are trying to find the cause of a health problem. When administering an x-ray, we will check for broken bones, intestinal blockages, foreign objects that have been consumed, an enlarged heart, dental problems or cancer. When we recommend getting x-rays, we will discuss our concerns and why we want to perform an x-ray to confirm a diagnosis so that we can proceed with the best treatment.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost can depend on the number of x-rays we expect to take. We will always provide you with an estimate of cost before starting any procedure. If you have any questions about what is on the cost estimate, we will be happy to go over each item. For instance, if we expect to take three x-rays, we can tell you where we will be taking the x-rays and how that provides us with an inside view of the problem so that we can diagnose and treat the problem confidently.

How is Digital Radiography Different from Traditional X-Rays?

Digital radiography uses a reusable film that can be processed immediately into digital images. These digital images have a much higher quality than traditional film x-rays allowing for much better detection of medical issues. It is also a more cost-effective method because the film is reusable. There is a 70% reduction in exposure to radiation with digital x-rays due to using more sensitive film and equipment. Overall, digital radiography allows our veterinarian to diagnose and treat problems quickly and reduce the amount of time spent waiting in our clinic.

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