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The Importance of Pet Dentistry from Spring Valley Animal Hospital

In the Suffern and Spring Valley areas, it is important for every pet owner to have a reliable vet who will take care of their pets. At Spring Valley Animal Hospital, that is our goal. We provide comprehensive vet care to everyone who comes to see us. Our veterinary services are complete and this includes pet dentistry. When it comes to the oral health of pets, there are a few points that we want everyone to remember.


Why Does Pet Dentistry Matter?

At Spring Valley Animal Hospital, we have found that one of the most commonly overlooked parts of pet care is dentistry. Like people, pets need to make sure that their mouths are taken care of. However, unlike people, pets can’t brush their own teeth. Therefore, pets depend on us to take care of their mouths. 

Good oral hygiene for pets matters for a number of reasons. First, it directly impacts the nutritional health and well-being of pets. When pets have unclean or diseased mouths, they are unable to eat effectively. This means that they cannot get the nutrition they need.

In addition, pet dentistry matters because it plays a role in the immune system. Many diseases start in the mouth. Therefore, pet dentistry strives to prevent this from becoming a major issue by keeping their mouths clean.

How to Take Care of a Pet's Oral Health

Those who are interested in taking care of a pet's mouth through pet dentistry should keep a few important points in mind. First, try to invest in food that will help pets keep their mouths clean. Some foods are better for oral health than others. Next, also try to find toys or treats that will clean plaque and tartar off of your pets’ teeth. This is a key part of pet dentistry as well. Finally, everyone should make sure that they schedule regular dental cleanings for their pets with a trained veterinarian. This will minimize the possibility of oral diseases in your pets.

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At Spring Valley Animal Hospital, we are here to serve everyone in the Suffern and Spring Valley areas. Our veterinary services are comprehensive. We will provide your pet with loving, compassionate care every team you come to see us. If you are looking for a local veterinarian who can take care of your pet, then give us a call today to make an appointment! At Spring Valley Animal Hospital, we leave no stone unturned!


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