Puppy & Kitten Programs

Puppy And Kitten Programs Offered By Our Veterinarian In Monsey

Getting a new pet can be a marvelous experience. However, taking care of a new puppy or kitten does come with a lot of responsibility and requires a caring heart and patience. These little companions needs more attention and are vulnerable to certain diseases. At Spring Valley Animal Hospital, serving Monsey, Spring Valley, Mahwah, and surrounding areas, we offer comprehensive programs for kittens and puppies that can help improve their health and well-being and protect them from many conditions. Below is information about our puppy and kitten programs.


Essential Services Your Puppy and Kitten Needs

  • Pet Exams: These exams are essential to your pet’s well-being, as they allow our veterinarians to detect problems that can hinder your animal’s lifestyle and health.
  • Weight and Nutrition Counseling: Feeding your beloved animal with the right amount of nutrition can help your puppy or kitten maintain a healthy weight and grow up strong. 
  • Dental Health Check-Ups: Physical health is important, and so is proper dental hygiene. Without proper dental care, your little companion can suffer from common oral diseases that can affect his or her vital organs like the heart.
  • Neuter and Spay- This type of service is usually done by the time your kitten or puppy is six months of age. Spaying or neutering your animal can not only prevent unwanted litters but can also provide health benefits such as reproductive cancer prevention. Our veterinarian can offer more information on the benefits when you come in or call. 
  • Microchipping- Microchipping is a procedure that helps ensure your pet can be returned to you if, at any time, it wanders from home and then brought to an animal hospital or shelter.

Contact Spring Valley Animal Hospital to Learn More about Our Puppy and Kitten Programs

Protect your precious animal from harmful illness and diseases by scheduling an appointment with our veterinarians as soon as you get your new puppy or kitten. We at Spring Valley Animal Hospital offer flexible scheduling for pet owners in Monsey, Spring Valley, Mahwah, and surrounding areas. To learn more about our programs or make an appointment, call 845-356-8616 or contact us online. Your family pet is our priority, whether he or she is young or old at heart. Reach out to our veterinary experts today.


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